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2017 Classes

T-Shirt Tie Dyeing 

Buy your shirt for $12 at the Fiber Arts Fest and Tie Dye it with your own design free! Its FUN and AFFORDABLE!

Bring lots of friends to this one hour class for a great adventure as you use an ancient art for modern results.

Shirts available for sale. All other supplies provided.

Date:               May 20, 2017  1 pm to 2 pm

Instructor:      Carrie Rogers

Cost:               $12.00

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White Cap Basket

Debra combines a variety of beginning, basic weaving skills to create a basket on a 6” wooden base. 

The undulating rows of 3-rod wale give the illusion of  a wave going around the basket. A few different skills are taught::  stepbacks, 3 rod wale and a gentle fold back rim.  There will be a few colors available.

Skills: Inserting stakes on a circular base, twinning, 3 rod wale, stepbacks, inserts,  shaping and folded rim.

Level: Advanced beginner skill level-All levels welcome (beginners will get extra help, but my need to finish the final step on their own.

Materials and class supplies:  All materials and all specialized tools are provided. Students should bring, if possible: 12 clip clothespins, garden sheers, old towel, pencil, measuring tape and a basin. A cushion for the folding chairs is a plus for your comfort! There will be a brief break for lunch; remember your lunch and beverage or you can order at the general store.

Date:  June 17, 2017 10 am to 4 pm

Minimum: 4 students Maximum: 9 Students

Instructor: Debbie Dzvanut

Cost: $68.00

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Rectangular Bread Basket with Leather Handles 


Debbi Dzvanut will instruct us in making this rectangular basket with a filled woven base. This is perfect for a variety of things: for the top of the tank, as a magazine basket next to your chair, or a holiday bread basket. There will be a few color choices for the trim. Leather handles will be added at each end of the basket. Skills: weaving a filled base, randing, start and stop weaving, 3-rod wale and adding handles. Attractive and functional- good for any season.

Materials and class supplies:  All materials and all specialized tools are provided. Students should bring, if possible: 12 clothespins, garden sheers, old towel, pencil, measuring tape and a basin. A cushion for the folding chairs is a plus for your comfort! Remember your lunch and beverage

Level: Advanced Beginner skill level- all levels welcome- everyone can do this one.

Minimum: 4 students;  Maximum:9 students

Instructor: Debbie Dzvanut

Date:      Sunday June 18, 2017 10am to 2 pm

Cost:       $54.00

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How to Make Handmade Soap Using Scents and Colors

Ready to take the next step in making handmade soap? We'll explore adding colors and scents while working with a basic recipe using olive, coconut, palm and castor oils. We may add essential oils for scents an mica powder for color.

You must bring 8oz of olive oil (light oil - golden not green) & rubber gloves. All else will be provided.

July 15  10 am to 1 pm

July 16  10 am to 11 am (Need to come back to cut the bars of soap and take home. Each student will take home 8 bars of handmade soap.   Class size limited to 4 early registration is recommended!

Basic experience is preferred but not required.

Instructor: Albert Hutchings

Cost: $35.00

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What's Your Vision? Exploring different photographic editing and processing styles. 

During this one day workshop we will look at different photography techniques including tips on how to shoot landscapes, wildlife/bird techniques, HDR, panoramas, etc. We will also explore some of the options available to process these images. After processing, we'll look at exciting options for enhancing them further. Bring your camera and tripod to the class with you.

Saturday July 22, 2017  10 am, to 4 pm

Instructor: Frank Ceravalo

Cost: $55.00

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Handbuilt Stoneware Pottery 2017 

Create one-of-a-kind hand built stoneware masterpieces. This is one class with two sessions: Aug. 5 for Building and Aug.19th for Glazing. Learn coil and slab building. Wide variety of surface decorations available. All materials and equipment provided by instructor. Suitable for beginner or intermediate student. Pick up at the Cooperative.

Dates: August 5, 2017 10 am  to 3 pm

           August 19, 2017  10 am to 3 pm

Instructor: Kathy Kavanaugh

Cost: $75.00

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Holiday Flower Arranging Using Gourds

Make a beautiful Fall/Thanksgiving flower arrangement using a Canteen gourd and fresh cut flowers. Learn how to cut the top off the gourd, clean and stain it. Students will then arrange fresh flowers to make a beautiful center piece. Gourd can be used several times with fresh or dried flowers.

Dates: September 16, 2017 10 am to 2 pm

Instructor: Tom Spradlin

Cost: $35.00

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Create a Pine Cone Holiday Wreath

Start your collection of pine cones and seed pods now to use in the creation of a holiday wreath made from natural products. All materials except pine cones will be provided to make a lovely 12"wreath to grace your home for the holidays. Tell your friends and let's have some fun.

Date: November 11, 2017  10 am to 3 pm

Instructor: Claudia Tidwell

Cost: $35.00

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Enhance Your Life Using Essential Oils


Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual use.

Join us to learn how they work as well as the history and benefits. Participants will learn 5 single oils and 7 blends that can support our bodies.

Take home lip balm, a pillow and roller for personal use.

Date:               July 15, 2017  1 pm to 3 pm

Instructor:      Carrie Rogers

Cost:                $35.00

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