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We were founded in 1988 in Lost River, West Virginia. Our members work to preserve heritage arts and crafts, as well as teach the public about the value of handmade objects. Many examples of our artisans' work are available for purchase in our Artists Marketplace. Over the last two decades our name has changed from the Lost River General Store Association to the Lost River Craft Cooperative.

In 1994, we established the Lost River Educational Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to instill in the public (particularly youngsters) an appreciation of our heritage and the craftsmanship developed and used by the settlers of the mountains and valleys of the West Virginia Highlands and the Appalachians.

In 1998 the foundation opened the Lost River Museum in the lower level of the Harper Barn. There, more than 1500 square feet were devoted to exhibits depicting life in West Virginia's Lost River Valley over the past 200 years. In 2016 the museum move to our current location at 8937 State Route 259, Lost River WV.

In 2020 we adopted the name Lost River Artists Marketplace, which we believe better represents our membership. Our name changed however, our purpose remains constant. We desire to engage the community in the artistic process. We foster an appreciation for the production and value of handmade objects through instruction, demonstration and display. We also provide a marketing center for regional artists and craftspeople.

Our Artists Marketplace is open Saturday from 11:00 - 5:00. It is located at 8737 State Road 259, Lost City, WV.

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