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Artists Gallery

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the community, our Artists Marketplace provides a place to view and purchase our members arts and crafts. It allows for classes, member demonstrations and other learning events.

Our current membership includes the work of local potters, painters, print makers, knitters, fiber artists, glass makers, photographers, candle and soap makers and more. Members work are judged on workmanship, attention to detail, appeal to our customers, as well as durability.

Below are some examples of our arts and crafts. Because most of our arts and crafts are one-of-a-kind items, what is displayed here may not be available in the marketplace.


Desktop: Click on an item for further artist information.

Use right and left arrows to scroll through the gallery.

Click on [Esc] to return to the gallery.

Phone: Tap on an item for further artist information. Swipe left or right to move to another item. To exit the Gallery tap the <- arrow in the upper left corner.

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